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A Stage for the Curious

One of Europe’s leading youth theatres

BiondekBühne is the place where young people can develop through arts. Here you are taken seriously. You can be the way you are. Act out!

We aim to holistically promote the individual development of all people through the performing arts so they can act reflectively, empathetically and responsibly. As a focal point of an international network, we regularly offer all members possibilities for international exchange.

Since its founding in 2003, BiondekBühne developed to what it is today: a stage for the curious. From just 60 members, the organisation has grown to several hundreds of kids and young people in more than twenty acting, dance, music and film groups who develop all sorts of pieces of arts. Each year BiondekBühne continues to grow, and during this period of rapid growth we began to leave the Austrian borders behind. Our network includes more than 70 youth theatre organisations in over 30 countries. Our members travel abroad on a regular basis to work on art projects with our partners and we also invite guests to do the same with us here in Austria.

The creative group processes are guided by professional art pedagogues. For each and every part needed in daily theatre life we have plenty of helping hands who assist us voluntarily with make-up, costume, marketing, catering and much more. Additionally, we have a professional team for light and sounds. Everyone is involved wholeheartedly: curiosity as a passion!

Act out!

At BiondekBühne small groups develop performances throughout the year, which are then presented on stage. All children and young people are encouraged to choose their own topics or combine their own ideas with suggested topics. By applying improvisation methods playfully and experimenting in workshop orientated modes of working, expression is explored in a way which meets the high standards of aesthetics and results in a piece of art which has been made by the children and young people themselves and therefore is unique.

This way children and young people get to know their creative, communicative and performative potential. This does not only improve their self confidence but also strengthens their personality in everyday life.

I trust the people here and, therefore, I can express these feelings from deep inside. And that is what I cherish about BiondekBühne. – Marlene Anaiis T., 10