Writing workshop day 8

MY Life

by Bernhard Schwingsandl

Another day well wasted.
Believe it or not, I’m totally fine with not doing anything.
Can you imagine a more comfortable life?
Don’t worry about what’s going to be in a year.
Eventually, I will have to work hard.
For God’s sake, but not now.
Give me some time.
Have fun with me.
I’m going to do the rest later.
Just let me live my life, it will pass so fast.
Killing time until something changes.
Loving to do nothing.
Making friends with people who feel the same.
Nothing can stress me.
Overthinking can be done when it’s necessary.
People always tell me to get active.
Question my decisions.
Raindrops of doubt that fall out of their mouths, but remain blocked by my mental umbrella.
Sometimes in life, you achieve peace with yourself.
Total peace.
Until you break your umbrella to let the raindrops in.
Vowels and consonants that form bad words, but I won’t let them in.
Whenever I’m ready, I’ll tell you.
aXept my decision.
Youf life will be much easier if you only worry about your life, not mine.
Zizzling thoughts will wake me up soon.

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